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Nominees for Seminary president announced

New president to be elected Feb. 6, 2021

The following 42 individuals have been nominated as candidates for election as the 11th president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, per Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) Bylaws, and have allowed their names to stand for consideration:

Dr. Joel D. Biermann
Dr. Gerhard H. Bode Jr.
Dr. Phillip L. Brandt
Dr. Jon S. Bruss
Dr. Albert Collver III
Dr. Anthony A. Cook
Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt
Dr. Thomas J. Egger
Dr. Joel C. Elowsky
Dr. Alfonso O. Espinosa
Dr. Carl C. Fickenscher II
Dr. Kevin S. Golden
*Dr. Gifford A. Grobien
*Dr. Matthew C. Harrison
Dr. Benjamin D. Haupt
Dr. Erik H. Herrmann
Dr. Ross E. Johnson
Dr. Jeffrey J. Kloha
Dr. Joel D. Lehenbauer
*Dr. Robert R. Lessing
Dr. David W. Loy
*Dr. David P. E. Maier
Dr. Aaron M. Moldenhauer
Dr. Steven P. Mueller
Dr. Martin R. Noland
Dr. David R. Preus
Dr. Jeffrey H. Pulse
Dr. Timothy A. Rossow
Dr. Travis J. Scholl
Dr. Gregory P. Schulz
*Dr. Klaus D. Schulz
*Dr. William W. Schumacher
Dr. Gregory P. Seltz
*Dr. Don R. Stuckwisch Jr.
Dr. Dien A. Taylor
Rev. Daniel T. Torkelson
Dr. William G. Utech
Dr. Jon D. Vieker
Dr. James W. Voelz
Dr. Wilhelm Weber
Dr. John C. Wohlrabe Jr.
Dr. Lucas V. Woodford


* Indicates candidate who has subsequently withdrawn his name from consideration.

Presidential nominations, per the LCMS Handbook, were submitted by LCMS congregations, the Seminary’s Board of Regents and the Seminary faculty.

During the next phase of the search, the Presidential Search Committee will evaluate each of the candidates and will recommend at least five candidates from the list of nominees to the four electors. Electors meet Feb. 6, 2021, to elect the new president. The four electors include one vote from the Board of Regents voting as a group, one vote from the LCMS district president serving on the board as a voting member, one vote from the chairman of the LCMS Board of Directors and one vote from the LCMS president. The election of the president requires three of four elector votes.

The new president will succeed Dr. Dale A. Meyer, who retired June 30. Meyer became the Seminary’s 10th president in 2005. Dr. Daniel Preus is currently serving as interim president of the Seminary.

Current information about the Seminary’s presidential search can be found at

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