Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri

Pulpit Supply

Pulpit Supply is for those pastors within a 100-mile radius who are going to be out-of-town and need a preacher for a particular date. Qualified students and alumni of Concordia Seminary can then look through the Pulpit Supply list for various preaching opportunities.

Pastors and congregations submitting requests should recognize that this service is staffed by students on a very part-time basis and requests will be posted as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated. Also, Concordia Seminary does not actively fill or guarantee the filling of the requests that are received and posted.

If you would like to add your vacant Pulpit Supply opportunity to this list, please contact us and list the date needed, contact information, congregation name and address, service and Bible class time(s), and whether or not it is a Communion Sunday for your congregation.

If you are interested in filling any of the available Pulpit Supply opportunities, please contact the congregation(s) as soon as possible. If you confirm a date with one of the listed congregations, please notify us at the number or email address below.